The Clockwork Man 2 The Hidden World

The Clockwork Man 2 The Hidden World

The Clockwork Man 2 is a hidden-object adventure game from Total Eclipse Games

The Clockwork Man 2 The Hidden World is a hidden-object adventure game from Total Eclipse Games, that combines point-and-click gameplay with hidden-object scenes and puzzles. Set in a Victorian steampunk world, the game is the second part to The Clockwork Man, and continues the story of Miranda Calomy, an engineer student. What we know right from the start is that Miranda grew up without her parents, with the company of her grandfather (present in the previous game) and a small robot called Sproket, who will be her companion all along the story. Miranda's parents were conducting an investigation and left home when she was 12, with the promise to come back soon. Eight years have passed and Miranda is now ready to go after her parent's footsteps to find out the reason that kept them away for so many years.
The first clues take Miranda to some abandoned mines somewhere in Ireland, which is actually the starting point of the investigation.
In difference with the short length of the previous title, this second part is divided into 6 extensive chapters where the story develops little by little often through cutscenes and flashbacks.
All of the game elements present in the previous title are available in The Clockwork Man 2. You will find scrollable scenes and zoomable areas, which give you a closer look of a place to further browse for hidden items.
The locations you need to visit can be accessed from a map at the bottom of the screen. This map will show you the explorable places available, and the type of task each one includes. Tasks may be hidden-object scenes, puzzles, or interactions with the environment.
Several types of help items are available while you play. A small window to the right lists all the tasks you need to accomplish to advance in the story, while the journal will keep track of the achievements made so far. You can resort to the journal every time you need to revise the story details or need additional clues.
During HOG scenes, Sproket will be there to assist you as well, giving you hints and clues through different gadgets that you can install on him.
The Clockwork Man 2 has received positive reviews from experts and gamers, and it certainly deserves it, for the quality of its visuals (the level of detail and creativity put into every scene and environment is amazing), and also for its originality.

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  • Beautiful artwork and soundtrack
  • Nice story in a steampunk setting
  • Adds some innovative elements to hidden-object gameplay
  • Complex and pretty challenging mini games


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